Forward Sailing WIPPER Water Sport Helmet

WIPPER Water Sport Helmet

Sailing Helmet

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Sailing Helmet

As performance boats are fine tuned and designed to move faster and faster through the water, the threat of head injuries rises exponentially. Just as in other extreme sports, concussions are a serious concern. Let the Sailing Helmet produced by Forward Sailing protect you. Sail smart.

Forward Sailing Product # ACCA10000

Forward Sailing Sailing Helmet

  • Size : 54-60cm
  • In Mold construction : thin and very light
  • Many openings for a good airing
  • Weight : 300g
  • Adjustable size thanks to a fit system – for a good comfort and an optimal protection
  • Innovation : This helmet is equipped with a quick-release buckle which will automatically open for a charge upper than 6kg. This enables to take it off quickly and easily if you are stuck in a strangling position for example.
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