The RS sailboat range was launched in the mid 1990s by two guys with a passion for sailing and the ambition to use the latest design developments and technology to produce boats that would move the game forward. 

The rest, as they say, is history. Following immediate UK success the range has steadily expanded; it is now the fastest growing sailboat brand internationally and has won multiple design awards around the globe.

51,900.00 51900.0 USD
5,990.00 5990.0 USD
12,680.00 12680.0 USD
25,795.00 25795.0 USD
22,590.00 22590.0 USD
19,155.00 19155.0 USD
18,155.00 18155.0 USD
13,495.00 13495.0 USD
11,760.00 11760.0 USD