Boat Locker History

Since 1957, Boat Locker (formerly Larson's Locker for those of you who remember) has been Fairfield County's premiere boat dealership.

Over the 57 years serving the sailing community we have grown a staff with vasts amount of knowledge and resources.

We boast a 8,000 square foot showroom with 28 foot ceilings, allowing us to display our boats rigged indoors year round. Not only does this give us enough room to present our large range of dinghies, but it also leaves room for Hobie's incredible line of peddling kayaks. With paddleboards to fill the gaps. We tender a large range of apparel to ensure the safety and comfort of all our customers.

Our entire staff enjoys demo days, where we get to play and tinker with all the amazing "toys" we have to offer. This allows us to learn all the nuances of the boats, kayaks, and paddleboards that a spec sheet can't teach us. We strongly believe that all of our products should be enjoyable, easy, and on the edge of innovation. We invite you to come in and try out one of our many dinghies, kayaks, or paddleboards.

With the recent revamp of our website in late 2014 we were looking to provide our customer with a smooth and simple Boat Locker experience. This has allowed us to fulfill customer orders at an unprecedented rate, with orders going out same day and arriving next day.

We have continued to evolve as time has progressed. Witnessing Hobie Cat diversify, new performance dinghies come into play, and streamlining our customer experience to suit today's needs.

Outfitting sailors since 1957, with no end in sight.



Scott Hardy
Boat Locker