Allen Brothers has evolved over the last 60 years into a modern hi-tech company and although we haven't strayed far from our engineering roots we are now much more than a manufacturer.

Since 2008 we have been marketing and distributing Allen dinghy hardware to customers all over the world. We have a highly technical sales team who are skilled sailors with an in-depth knowledge of our product range. They work closely with our design team and provide customers with friendly product advice and a fast and efficient processing service. We also have a number of independent sponsored sailors from a variety of classes with whom we work to develop new and innovative products.

As designer and manufacturer, our job is to make innovative products that work effectively. Sourcing the best materials which are carefully stored and utilized, employing a highly skilled workforce with the latest manufacturing technologies and having an in-house design and engineering department is where we have the edge over our competitors.

It is our philosophy to strive towards continual improvement and we are open to feedback from our customers. We have the capacity to produce thousands of different products with a huge archive of tooling and the resources to fulfil the requirements of the marine trade and the discerning sailor, from mass production to custom design.

Our products come with a lifetime guarantee.


The world market leader in the field of windsurf for over 20 years, in the last 20 years BIC Sport has diversified into the manufacture of surf boards, kayaks, sailing dinghies for children, and has most recently focussed its knowledge and experience on launching an extensive range of Stand Up Paddle boards. This latest brand new board sport is largely based on the principles of simplicity and accessibility that have underpinned BIC’s enduring success.

BIC Sport has become the world’s leading expert for water sports. A forerunner in the industrial scale manufacture of surf and SUP boards, a benchmark manufacturer in the demanding surf market, BIC Sport is also a European market leader in sit-on-top kayaks, with a range of innovative kayaks that have picked up numerous design awards. In competition sailing, BIC Sport is behind a new concept in Junior windsurf competitions, with the Techno 293 One Design that has seen massive growth in the last few years. And more recently BIC Sport has created a similar dynamic in the world of dinghy sailing, where their highly innovative O’pen BIC model has totally revitalised the world of child/youth dinghy racing.


Dynamic Dollies & Racks has been established to manufacture the best dollies and racks for the small-boat owner community. The company manufactures standard dollies, racks and parts but will also build custom made items to satisfy individual needs. The company only uses materials that will last and have been specifically chosen for their durability, resistance to weather and functionality.

Dynamic's aim is to make your boating experience more pleasurable in providing a problem-free way of moving your boat in and out of the water and storing it safely when not in use.



There are two key elements to sailing clothing, the garment design and the fabric itself. The fabric represents over fifty percent of the cost of the garment, and if that fails then so does the garment. The best looking garment in the world is not much help when you are battling into a westerly gale and soaking wet. That’s why at Gill we take fabric so seriously.

In 2002 we took the decision to move away from high profile branded fabrics. Not only were they adding significantly to the cost, but they also limited the choice of materials we could use. Most branded waterproof fabrics were originally developed for the larger outdoor clothing industry, so when it came to introducing sailing wear fabrics the choice was limited. We wanted the ability to adapt fabrics specifically for the marine environment. If you are out walking and it rains you can only get wet from above. When you are sailing, water is coming at you from all angles. Spray or solid waves are coming over the bow, you are sitting in water and it could be raining as well. Then there is the water itself, in most cases it is salt water. Salt water molecules have a much larger surface area than fresh water and have an abrasive property with it. Off the shelf fabrics are not going to do the job as well as specifically adapted materials.

Working directly with different fabric suppliers and coaters we can keep adapting the fabric until it passes all our stringent tests. If the water resistance is not high enough after artificial aging we can add another layer. If the abrasion resistance on the outside is not good enough we can change that too.




Harken, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality sailboat hardware and accessories.

Our gear has dominated such events as the America's Cup and Olympics. Our blocks, travelers, furling systems and winches can be found aboard everything from the smallest dinghies to the largest megayachts and cruisers.

Headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Harken manufactures in the USA and Italy. Its network includes offices in 48 countries, with group offices located in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Rhode Island, California, and Florida).


Since the beginning, Kaenon has set a course based on deep-rooted values that are inspired by our lives and embody our commitment to premium craftsmanship and a forward approach to style. From the creation of our proprietary lens technology to the comfort and performance of our frames, we strive to never compromise quality, authenticity, originality or family. Such is the ethos of Kaenon.

Quality: Every detail, from our advanced lens material to our frame hinges is engineered specifically for Kaenon. We choose the highest standards of quality and design a diverse selection of frame styles to ensure we are providing the finest product for all eyewear needs.

Authenticity: We create products that we want to wear. We surround ourselves with like minded athletes and individuals who share our core values. We stand behind our product and values; what we say, and who we are, is what you get.

Performance: We play hard and need eyewear that is up to the task, but we believe that style and performance are not mutually exclusive. From the first design sketches of our frames to our proprietary SR-91 lens material, everything we design is ready to perform with the highest expectations both on and off the field of play.

Originality: We recognize the ever growing sea of peers in the eyewear marketplace and the challenge to remain original in this widely monopolized industry. Rather than look to those around us for inspiration, we turn to our own lives and ask a few simple questions: What inspires us, personally? What eyewear do we want? How can we make peoples' experiences better? We listen to the feedback of our customers and ambassadors and we strive to continually improve upon each new design. We strive to evolve ahead of the need all the while remembering our core values.

Family: It all started with two Southern California brothers in search of something superior. Their vision for what could be has reached around the globe. Family is in our DNA and, though we work hard, we make sure to enjoy life with those closest to us. To our employees, athletes and those loyal to the Kaenon brand: we welcome you to our Kaenon family.




When two Canadians, Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce, got together for a couple of drinks in 1969, they knocked around some ideas about how to build the best raceboat ever. On a bar napkin they rendered drawings of boats with only one instruction: make it cartoppable. They fooled around with weight displacement, sail area, and waterline length. What came out of trial and error is a design formula that revolutionized sailing and produced the world’s most popular sailboat – the Laser.

As sailors, Kirby and Bruce knew that if a boat was to become popular it would have to challenge and teach all skill levels. That’s when they decided to keep the hull, but vary the sail sizes of the Laser to make racing available to men, smaller adults, women and youth. By making every Laser identical and accessible, the sailor always won the race, not the boat. This has become an important distinction for Olympic teams.

Starting with one version of the Laser, the design eventually became three. The Radial came at a time when the Laser was be outside of North America and Europe. Around this time sailors started to notice that the Laser had become a big deal on the race circuit. The Radial quickly became an adult racing class boat and for small adult, women and youth.

Following the success of the Radial, the 4.7 rig was developed in England in 1989. Once kids figured out they could master the 4.7, like top adult sailors master the Laser, the boat took off. The 4.7 was popular in Europe and Asia in the 90’s, but didn’t catch on in North America until later. It is fast becoming popular with ambitious youth and Olympic hopefuls in North America.

Since the growth and popularity of the Laser trio, sailors have helped to design the growing LaserPerformance family of sailboats. Yes, the laser is super fast and ultra-popular, but also check out these boats we have developed over the years. Julian Bethwaite designed the super fast skiff 49er and Jo Richards designed the revolutionary Vago that continues to push the boundaries of dinghy sailing.




Magic Marine was founded in 1989, and made its first appearance on the beaches of the Netherlands. Today, the brand is distributed on four continents and we are working hard to be represented in most countries around the World. The first target group for Magic Marine’s technical products was catamaran sailors and shortly thereafter the brand and collections grew to the Optimist and Cadet youth market. The logical next step was Olympic sailing.

Today, Magic Marine is being used, developed and supported by an extended network of sailors around the globe working together with our team at the brand’s headquarters. New materials, comfort, and endurance are key concepts in the development of the range and the comments of sailors worldwide is the #1 concern when building our products.

With a change of ownership in 2007, Magic Marine has continued to invest in development to ensure that top level products are created for all conditions and types of sailing around the Globe. This led the brand to launch a Coastal Collection in 2009 to include all sport boats, keel boats, and maxis and with the recent introduction of Lizard Footwear to the Collection, we are ready to outfit any team on the water.

We stand for quality for our comfort as well as in our hobbies. Enjoy your days on the water.




Now the fastest growing premium polarized sunglass maker in the world, Maui Jim got its start in 1980 as a small company selling sunglasses on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Seeing a need in the market for technology that could combat intense glare and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colors of the island to life, our fledgling company engineered the revolutionary PolarizedPlus® lens. Incorporated into seven new sunglass styles, our Classic Collection was introduced. And with that, we have steadily built a cult following.

Over the years, Maui Jim has continued to offer our fans high-performance design developments. In 2004, PolarizedPlus2® technology revolutionized the sunglass market - patented, color-enhancing treatments in the form of rare earth elements were added to our lenses to really pop the colors your eye takes in.
In 2006, our new 24,000 sq ft state-of-the-art direct surfacing lab was built to ensure precision prescription optics. A year later, we introduced MauiReaders®. MauiPassport™ followed in 2008, offering prescription wearers wide views and outstanding acuity. That same year, our new MauiHT™ lens brought clarity to low-light conditions.

The Aloha Spirit permeates our philosophy at Maui Jim. Our "ohana" (Hawaiian for family) is passionate about creating the best sunglasses on the planet. Because at the end of the day, we want to see the world at its best - and we know that you do, too, no matter where you live. Aloha, friends!


The McLube Division of McGee Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing high-technology mold releases and industrial lubricants since 1954. Our products include water and solvent- based release and antitack coatings and a full line of oils, greases and dry film lubricants. Through six decades of innovation, McLube products have earned an international reputation for performance and McLube people have earned world wide industry recognition as expert problem solvers. At McLube, we’re specialists in assessing complex processes and unusual conditions- and developing solutions that work.

We’re experienced in solving problems for a broad industrial base, from manufacturers of rubber and plastic goods to producers of insulation and composite materials, including those used in marine and aerospace applications. Team McLube technical experts work closely with our customers to obtain optimal performance with our standard products - and to develop special formulations to meet your unique process requirements. All with fast turn-around. And as we develop release and lubrication technology to meet today’s needs, we are actively engaged in researching and developing new technologies for the future.

McLube . . . an unwavering commitment to technical leadership and outstanding service.



Optimum Time is a specialist Sports Timing Company. Established in 1996, the company quickly rose to fame for its "big yellow timers" in the sports of Sailing and Eventing.

The doctrine of the company is to provide rugged, reliable and affordable watches for use where good timing is fundamental to success in a sport. Originally this was mostly by the competitors.

The products are designed by Optimum Time and produced from our own tooling, using our programs and our own circuitry to give a bespoke solution for every chosen pastime. No two sports are the same so OT don't treat them that way.

OT grew to include equipment for sports officials. At London 2012 (as it was at Athens and Beijing), the eventing was controlled using our Timesaver Equipment. Our big yellow watch was also on the committee boats that controlled Olympic Sailing.


The RS sailboat range was launched in the mid 1990s by two guys with a passion for sailing and the ambition to use the latest design developments and technology to produce boats that would move the game forward.

The rest, as they say, is history. Following immediate UK success the range has steadily expanded; it is now the fastest growing sailboat brand internationally and has won multiple design awards around the globe.

RS sailing is based close to the UK south coast near Southampton. We are still a relatively small business; virtually every member of our team is an active RS sailor who understands the boats and shares our aim to deliver great boats while giving our customers excellent service.

The same two guys that started the range are still involved and many members of our team have been with RS for many years, often since college days. Over the last decade we have built our international distribution and well over 50% of RS boats are now sold outside of our home, UK market. There are active RS dealers in around 30 countries and we’re keen to broaden this network into new territories.

The RS range began with racing classes designed to set new standards for performance and user friendly handling. More recently we have developed boats for novices, families and keelboat sailors. In addition, RS boats are now the popular choice for sailing schools, clubs, holiday companies and other organisations.

We think of the range in three groups: All Purpose Boats (APB) – Performance Dinghies – Performance Keelboat. The same philosophy has remained from the outset – to make every RS boat the best of its type. We’ve never had a large marketing budget compared to our main competitors – our aim has always been that the boats should be good enough to do the talking.




The sailboat hardware market and the architectural rigging market are worlds apart, but in Australia they’re both dominated by one powerhouse player. Ronstan’s end-to-end design, manufacture and distribution operation has grown to become the only serious competitor.

Our head office in Melbourne, Australia, is home to our state-of-the-art design facilities, our primary manufacturing plant and our advanced warehousing and global distribution system, which handles more than 4.9 million units each year. Our home market is further supported by sales offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth .

Internationally, we’re one of the top three sailboat hardware brands in the world, instantly recognised and respected in 45 countries. Our passionate team has worked tirelessly to develop export markets, establishing offices and warehouses in the US and Denmark and building strong relationships with our distribution partners around the world.

We believe that we owe much of our success to our close ties with yacht racing’s elite competitors. The challenge of producing top-end, innovative hardware to satisfy the extreme demands of racing conditions has led to many of the technical breakthroughs that have put us on top. We continue to actively participate in the promotion of sailing, both for pleasure and competition, and many of our staff are active sailors themselves. Speak to any one of our management team, who jointly own the company, and you’ll realise that we seriously love what we’re doing.

Thule was established in Sweden in 1942. And ever since then, we've made it our business to bring you closer to the world and your passion for life. We are an international group of people united by our own passion for helping active families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Thule helps you transport anything you care for safely, easily, and in style so you are free to live your active life. We believe in the value of an active life – whether you're in the city or the great outdoors. For our own health and happiness as human beings, and ultimately for the respect and care we then give to the world around us.

Whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit. Wherever you're going, whatever you're bringing. With Thule, you're free to live your active life to the full.

Bring your board.
Bring your bike.
Bring your skis.
Bring your love.
Bring your passion.
Bring your dreams.
Bring your life.




Tested and proven, Zhik gear is the clear winning choice of Olympic and World champions around the world. Fast wetgear products including the revolutionary T2 harness for trapeze sailors, PowerPads for hiking sailors, Superwarm Wetsuits, Microfleece, Hybrid gear and high tech footwear. Gear for dinghy sailing, yachting, paddling, SUP boarding and kite board racing, join the growing league of athletes who are embracing brilliantly waterproof breathable & durable gear in events such as the America’s Cup, Vendée Globe & Sydney to Hobart.




Zim Sailing, based in Rhode Island, provides one-design sailboats, parts, accessories, and services to the North American market. The principals of our company are lifelong sailing enthusiasts with boat building experience spanning over 40 years.

We engage in grass roots youth development of yacht club junior sailing programs, community sailing programs, and high school and collegiate sailing programs. Zim Sailing can be found at regattas around the country, providing support with charter boats and onsite sales and service.

Our production facilities in both the United States and Asia help us achieve our mission by spending a great amount of time and care in the production of each boat. With over twenty years of experience, our factories and their craftsmen allow us to ensure that our boats are built to the highest standards possible. This exceptional attention to detail, using the finest materials available, results in an extremely high quality product at a more favorable price to the consumer. Learn more about our manufacturing process here.

We have searched the globe to source the best equipment available for our boats. Our suppliers include trusted brands like North Sails, Optiparts, Harken, Ronstan, and many more.